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Ecolast® Foam

Medical quality meets environment protection 4.0


Less CO2 cloud

*Source: Europur-Study 2015

Product image Hyper Foam 2 GREENLINE and EVAQ®-PRO GREENLINE

Make your contribution to climate protection!

GREENLINE© mattresses have a reduced CO2 emission compared to conventional decubitus therapy mattresses
(standard foam mattresses or alternating pressure mattresses).


green leaf icon

Foam mattresses


Drilling platform in green ↓
Transport with ship in green
Refinery in green

Transport with truck in green
Production in green


green arrow

1 kg foam= 3 kg CO2


foam mattresses:
Mattress icon GREENLINE mattress
grey arrow green arrow
11 kg foam 8,6 kg foam

= 33 kg CO2

= 25,8 kg CO2

Alternating pressure mattresses


Drilling platform in red

Transport with ship in red
Refinery in red

Transport with ship in red
Production in red

Rare earth elements for electronics in red

Transport with ship in red


red arrow

1 kg platic = 3,5 kg CO2
Alternating pressure mattress icon

red arrow

10 kg plastic

= 35 kg CO2

+ rare earth elements
+ permanent energy consumption



Technical Advantages


GREENLINE© mattresses are made of ECOLAST® foam. Compared to conventional decubitus therapy mattresses (standard foam mattresses or alternating pressure mattresses) they have less CO2 emission.

ECOLAST® foam is a specially developed hybrid foam. Compared to standard foam,  the more open cell structure ensures improved air circulation, so that the patient benefits from an optimal microclimate.

ECOLAST® foam offers perfect pressure relief and an improved durability.


Hardness loss after exposure to humidity

(35 °C, 95 % RH*1)


Graphic comparing the hardness loss of HR and ECOLAST foam

CO2 emission per m3 in kg *3



Graphic comparing the CO2 emission of HR and ECOLAST foam

Capability emission figure*4



Graphic comparing the capability emission figure of HR and ECOLAST foam

*1 RH = relative humidity *2 RG = density (kg/m3) *3 Source: Europur-Study 2015
*4 In comparison: Elasticity test ASTM D3574/H • Wet-Compression-Test ASTM D395 • Elongation ISO 1798 • Tensile strenght ISO 1798 • CO2 emissivity



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