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Sit & Support

Innovations for your
dental practice

Our systematic research in sleeping and positioning posture
also led us to investigate ergonomically correct sitting posture.
As a result we have also developed seating systems for dental treatment units.

The solution for treatment with long anaesthetic time

  • Optimal position for treatment via perfect support for the body
  • 7 cm high visco-elastic foam core with memory effect
  • Safe anchorage on the treatment unit via anti-slip fittings at the bottom
  • Comfortable to lie on due to high quality artificial leather cover with removable foot rest

Perfect positioning of the “small“ patients

  • Perfect positioning of the “small“ patients
  • Avoids early signs of tiredness via comfortable cushion elements with unique lower leg supports
  • Safe anchorage on every treatment unit via flexible adjustment and antislip fittings at the bottom
  • Hard-wearing, dirt-resistant surface made of high quality, permanently elastic and anti-allergic artificial leather cover

Provides ergonomically correct and relaxing support!

  • Perfect anchorage for the head and optimal treatment via visco-elastic foam core and a “memory-effect”
  • No tension in the neck muscles via pressure relief and ergonomic design
  • Comfortable to lie on due to high quality artificial leather cover

  • Free accessible operating elements

Suitable for treatment units with concertina joint on the adjustable headrest

  • The perfect anchorage for the head via visco-elastic foam core with a “memory-effect” reduces spontaneous movement and allows optimal treatment.
  • The ergonomic design ensures a relaxed head position which promotes blood flow and prevents tension in the neck muscles.
  • The cushioned “plus” extension protects the neck region from pressure paints.
  • The soft pleasant breathable cover gives your patients the highest comfort.
  • Particularly easy to remove and clean with standard disinfection agents.