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Social commitment


Champions League Winner 2018, Photo by Patricia Funke


To accommodate our social responsibility, we support a variety of events,
Projects and associations in the fields of sport and culture.

RBB Sponsor Logo

Sponsor of the German wheelchair basketball national A teams

The Funke Mecial AG becomes sponsoring partner of the German A-national teams. On 17.11.2014 signed for the Funke Medical AG, Patricia Funke and Helmut Wessels and for the German wheelchair sports association e.V., Department wheelchair basketball - senior teams men and women - Andreas Joneck, a sponsorship agreement.

Flying hope logo

Flying Hope

A non-profit association that arranges free flights for children who, because of their physical, mental or emotional state, depend on the help of others and do not have the necessary financial resources themselves.

Flying Hope pilots want to share their enthusiasm for flying - and know that with these free flights, they give something that is impossible or difficult to do without them.