1 The suitable medical devices for your customers The Funke Medical Product Finder App helps you to find the suitable medical devices for decubitus therapy and prophylaxis for your customers in just a few steps. The medically appropriated laying and positioning systems are calculated through the input of the individual patient parameters. Thanks to this […]


Products Decubitus prophylaxis and therapy Our product range includes decubitus therapy systems made of high-quality foams. We distribute these worldwide to appropriate specialized medical trade organizations. Dental medicine Our systematic research in sleeping and positioning posture also led us to investigate ergonomically correct sitting posture. As a result we have also developed seating systems for […]

Decubitus prophylaxis and therapy

Decubitus prophylaxis and therapy   Mattresses for Decubitus prophylaxis and therapy   Mattresses for Decubitus prophylaxis and therapy with evacuation function Seating cushions for Decubitus prophylaxis and therapy Positioning aids to ensure optimal patient positioning HOMECARE More information in the catalogue Hyper Foam PLUS Decubitus therapy mattress Autoclavable according to RKI guidelines Applicable for pain […]

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Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility Energy is a valuable resource that we need for our production. In order to use energy most efficiently we have taken the following steps: Since 2017, we generate 250.000 kWh of electricity from solar energy using 4 photovoltaic systems. The produced amount covers about 65% of our own demand. This means that approx. […]


Funke Medical AG – since 1988 Our medium-sized company with more than 100 employees and a total production area of 17.800 m² and is based exclusively in Germany, in a small town called Raesfeld in North Rhine-Westphalia to be exact! We are DIN EN ISO 13485 certified, which authorises us to manufacture medical devices and to […]